Recruitment & Staffing Services


Pricing varies for each service.

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Recruitment Services

•    Head Hunting

•    Screen resumes submitted for employment

•    Create a pool of potential candidates

•    Interview candidates via telephone/video/face to face

•    Create Interview Metrics

•    Create Top Candidate Profiles

•    Job Fairs

•    International Recruitment

•    Assist with the development of job descriptions

•    Recruitment process Improvement

•    Reference Checks

•    Employment Contracts & Job Offers

•    Performance Appraisals

•    Exit Interviews/Employee Feedback

•    Assist with additional tasks involving potential hires


External Contract Staffing Services

Today many businesses choose external staffing as the solution to meet the needs and objectives of their companies’.


• A growth in your company can require external workers to combine with existing employees. 

• When someone who is a vital employee takes a leave of absence and their work must continue. 

• You may have a short term project where you would like to have someone work without the obligation of a permanent placement.


The Solution

• KLK Consulting can provide external contract workers in order to have your operation run smoothly.

• We are devoted to recruiting, appraising, and compensating persons while they work for you.   

• Staffing can be done for specific projects, long or short term opportunities.