Our aim is to help clients achieve their recruitment objectives by working with them to hire people who are best suited for the positions available.

We are committed to search for quality solutions to their recruitment needs, always working to find the perfect match between candidate and position.

- Kristin Kelly, President


Recruitment & Staffing Services

We understand that hiring professionals and finding the right person for the job can often be challenging. We therefore offer recruitment solutions for finding senior management, middle management and line staff.

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Legal Employment Services

KLK Consulting can save companies a lot of time and money by tapping into a network of experienced employment lawyers who can help you with a variety of specialized and general employment law needs.

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Weekly Job Listings

We always have clients eager to hire and fill available positions! Clients outline specific criteria and pre-requisites for the job, we list the ad - and thoroughly screen all inquiries and prospects.

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Our Consulting Firm

We are a small, but efficient consulting firm - specializing in recruitment, staffing and legal employment services.


"We meticulously vet potential candidates based on requirements set by our clients and based on our own professional standards." 

— Kristin Kelly


 A Top-tier Service

Our services and expertise are sought out and recommended by established and popular brands.